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Order a free valuation and find out the real price of your property. Also, our agents will help you find the right buyer for your house.

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How AskMove works

Experienced AskMove agents know all the subtleties of selling houses in various areas of London

Book a market appraisal

Find out the price of your property with the help of a free market appraisal. Sell the house quickly and profitably.

Tell us about your plans

Our agents will take your requests into account, consider the peculiarities of the house and the area, and recommend possible improvements for a more profitable sale.

Search for the best buyers

We will place your advertisement on our and other resources. We will show your property to the right buyers. The time when the advertisement is active is agreed with you.

Negotiations remain with us

We will agree on the best offer for you and prepare the documents. You only have to agree on the price and prepare a house for sale.

Conducting of the transaction

We will appoint a time and place of meeting convenient for you to conduct the transaction. Everything will go smoothly. The buyer will be checked from our side.

Your property has been successfully sold

Congratulations! You have sold your property on the best terms for you and now you can start implementing your next plans.
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